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What Is Lumeo?

Lumeo is a team of creative people focused on bringing your dreams to reality. We have spent over a decade honing in on creative skills to provide the perfect solution for businesses looking to drive more traffic and grow their customer base.

Our Approach to Business is Centered Around Learning & Growing With You.

We take the time to get to know each of my clients and their businesses. We learn about their goals, their challenges, and what they need to succeed. We then work together to develop custom solutions that address their specific needs.

This approach allows us to provide each client with the individualized attention they need to grow and succeed. It also allows us to build long-term relationships with clients, based on trust and mutual respect.

If you’re looking for a business partner who will truly invest in your success, look no further than Lumeo.

Meet The Founder

Eric Ureña

Eric Ureña

Founder & CEO

I’m a proud bilingual Costa Rican – American with a passion for multimedia design, music, and video games.

I’ve spent my young adult life perfecting my design skills while developing a strong network of friends and colleagues in a variety of industries. If given the chance, I’m positive that I, and the amazing team at Lumeo, will help you bring your ideas to life.

Our Values

These are the values that guide everything we do at Lumeo.


Diligence is the quality of being careful and persistent in one’s work. We believe that being diligent in our work leads to a higher quality product and a better experience for our customers.


Creativity is the ability to see things from a new perspective and come up with new ideas. We believe that by being creative, we can offer unique solutions to our customers’ needs.


Consistency is the ability to maintain a high level of quality in our work, day in and day out. It is what allows our customers to trust us and know that they can rely on us.

What We Do Best



Copywriting & Translation

Social Media


SEO Strategy

Video Production

Web Development

E-Commerce Consulting

Product Photography

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